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Fitted sheets

Fitted sheets, are very popular internationally and in South Africa they are available in all sizes and custom sizes.

All our available sizes can be found here.

The larger custom size sheet is a popular favorite for the Starch bed.  


We have fabrics that are 330cm wide.

Even the fitted sheets by Starch are washing machine friendly and do not require ironing.

Starch takes it's inspiration from the best wedding companies in the world. You can combine colours, and different types of fabrics, overcoming the traditional and stern concept of “sets”, for a more creative freedom as in fashion design.

All fabrics are 100% Egyptian cotton, woven in Italy.

Many colour options are also available for you to choose from:

Italian Sateen (99 Colours)

Italian Percale (61 Colours)

Italian Linen (22 Colours)

French Linen (3 Colours)

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