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Bed linen

“understated casual luxury”

Starch gives a European emphasis to bed linen: no more matchy matchy sets, a new breath of freshness to the mix & match philosophy. You can create a beautiful wardrobe of bed linens over the years that will all talk and work together; a wonderful collection of textures and colours.

Create bedding, table, bath collections, as well as home décor accessories. Refined satin and percale, canvas, jacquard, piquet, boutis, honeycomb, terry cloth, quilts and prints are an unparalleled opportunity for converters, interior designers and architects.  More than 2,000 mix-and-match fabrics, always in stock. 5 years minimum in-stock guarantee for each colour and reference, to ensure continuous availability to clients. 

Mixing different bed linen colours, different fabrics, from linen sheets to jacquard duvet covers. Joining the tactile feelings of dry wools with the world’s softest cashmere, use of fine fibres: the best long-staple Egyptian cottons, exquisite Normandy linen, fine silk from the Far East, shiny lurex, soft modal and fine cashmere for unique combinations, expressing your own personality and style even for bed linen.  


The Starch mission is to create precious and original home textiles.

Bed linen design options

Starch can make up any design your heart desires.

We have 3 ranges, offering 12 standard designs.

Exquisite fabrics options:

Italian Sateen (99 Colours)

Italian Percale (61 Colours)

Italian Linen (22 Colours)

French Linen (2 Colours)

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