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Blankets and throws

A new interpretation

Throws and blankets from Starch make the perfect addition to any bedroom or lounge area, bringing a chic elegance and freshness to your space. Our blankets and throws are completely functional, impeccably finished, and designed to last. In rich neutrals, embellished with woven, suede, linen, fringed or silk borders, they are sophisticated and attractive. Our throws are made of the highest quality cotton, cashmere, linen, wool and silk that has been spun, woven and finished with fine Italian woven craftsmanship.

In addition, we offer a number of luxurious throws and blankets in sophisticated solids that harmonize with a myriad of different collections. Blankets and throws usually find their place on top of other bedding, acting as a warm extra layer during those cold nights, or draped elegantly across a lounge chair. The best throw blanket is one that acts as a beautiful complement to your décor and wraps you in comforting warmth.

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