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Bed sheets

Starch believes that choosing bed sheets is just like choosing a dress for your bed. That’s why we offer you countless opportunities. From the colour variations for the best loved bed sheets, to the new textile innovations result of their extreme technical skills and endless explorations.

The most traditional fabrics, like linen and cotton, find a more contemporary version with Starch’s bed sheets, without giving up tradition. 

All bed sheets; fitted and flat sheets, that Starch offer are sourced from Italian suppliers, offering you a truly superior quality product and experience. The options available allow you to dress your bed according to your taste, combining different colours, textures and fabrics, creating your own unique style even at home.

All our available sizes can be found here.

All fabrics are 100% Egyptian cotton, woven in Italy.

Many colour options are also available for you to choose from:

Italian Sateen (99 Colours)

Italian Percale (61 Colours)

Italian Linen (22 Colours)

French Linen (2 Colours)

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