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Duvet covers

Starch offers an opportunity for a new creative styling of the bed and bedroom, with new and unusual textile and colour combinations.

All our available sizes can be found here.

Soft, smooth and luxurious, the Duvet Cover is a sharp addition to any bedroom space. For a modern look that brightens up any interior style with your choice of Decorative Pillows and the Rectangular Quilt or the Luxurious Bedspread. 100% cotton. The combination of fabrics that Starch has available for its duvet covers enhance the duvet’s softness. 

All fabrics are 100% Egyptian cotton, woven in Italy.

Many colour options are also available for you to choose from:

Italian Sateen (99 Colours)

Italian Percale (61 Colours)

Italian Linen (22 Colours)

French Linen (2 Colours)

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