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Bath linen

A minimal chic style for the bathroom

Starch has a wide bath linen collection of different fabrics. 

Linen towels with a vintage look; pleated cotton towels with a minimal style; or waffle weave towels in linen and cotton, for soft and unexplored tactile experiences, give a new colourful touch while experimenting unusual fabrics even for the bath linen collection.

Starch also revisits terry cloth fabric, not an unusual sight for bath linens, transforming it into a new, compact, light, cotton towel with a dense and fine curl very similar to velvet; or into a thick and soft terry cloth, but less bulky because made with linen.

Resistant but soft bath mats complete the bath linen collection. Manufactured with a macro cotton weave or with a special pleated and slightly padded fabric. Available in two rectangular sizes, bring them out of the bathroom they are an ideal item in other rooms too.

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Bath Towels

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